Pussy Picnic

These girls decided to have a picnic for lunch, but instead of packing a huge basket of food, they just brought themselves. There was only one thing that they wanted to eat and that was pussy! They layout a blanket, and get under a tree for a little privacy, and then they just go at it. It doesn’t take long for the two girls to be stripped completely of their clothes and with their tongue up one another’s wet hole. These girls know how to hit every sweet spot, watch them in action!

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Pools and girls mixed together usually end up with someone being topless and lots of playing around. These two teens decide to layout and get a tan, but when Claire asks Michelle to help her with some sunscreen, that’s when it all started to happen. As Claire removes her bikini to get the lotion rubbed all over, Michelle couldn’t help but to spend extra attention on her succulent breasts. Claire’s nipples became instantly erect as it was clear this was more than just simply applying lotion. The two girls removed their bikini’s entirely and headed to the pool, while at the steps they started rubbing one another pussy, and kissing each other’s big tits. With Claire’s feet hanging in the water, Michelle got into the pool and met her face with Claire’s pussy and started eating her out. Watch this amazing scene at one of the premier lesbian sites Sapphic Erotica!

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